Tarrabora Reserve and Beree-Badalla Reserve Boardwalk

Southern Gold Coast Walk

Currumbin Creek is one of the most picturesque spots on the southern Gold Coast, with the sparkling mirror-calm waters of its estuary bordered by at the beautiful parklands at southern end of Palm Beach.  This is where you’ll find walkers’ delights, Tarrabora and Beree-Badalla Reserves.

Beree-Badalla Reserve Boardwalk

Tarrabora Reserve hugs the estuary south of the parklands and just under the bridge to the west of the Gold Coast Highway is neighbouring Beree-Badalla Reserve.  Both offer delights for nature lovers.   

Tarrabora Reserve Trail

Tarrabora Reserve is accessible via the Parklands carpark and provides a short but lovely walk with wide flat paths and timber boardwalks from the pirate themed park through leafy Banksia woodland and saltmarsh vegetation around the bank of the estuary. 

Tarrabora Reserve Trail

This is a refuge for abundant wildlife, including many species of birds and reptiles, hence dogs are not permitted on this trail. You can complete a 15minute 1km circuit back to the parkland or you may choose to continue your walk by crossing under the bridge into beautiful Beree-Badalla Reserve.  

Beree Badalla Reserve Boardwalk

If you’re looking for serenity, you may choose to bypass busier Tarrabora and opt just to explore the quieter 1km Beree-Badalla Reserve Boardwalk and River Trail (which also permits dogs on-leash).  If so, choose the parking alongside Lions Park (parallel to the Gold Coast Highway), accessible via Thrower Drive, and commence this spectacular waterside walk to the west.

Beree Badalla Reserve Boardwalk

This beautiful river trail features twisting timber boardwalks, perfect for nature study and for a footprint-free exploration of the estuary’s mangroves. Dotted along this delightful path are shaded, viewing decks with ample benches and picnic tables for those who want to stop and soak up the serenity.

Beree Badalla Reserve Boardwalk

High tide will make you feel like you’re walking on water as you spot water birds like Egrets, Pelicans and Cormorants fishing for their dinner, whilst low tide allows you to spy mud crabs scuttling amongst the mangroves.

Throwers Drive Boat Ramp

The boardwalk ends at the Throwers Drive boat ramp where you may choose a pleasant return journey (2km all up) or continue the riverside walk under the road to Salk Oval and onto the footbridge which crosses creek toward Currumbin RSL club on the south side. 

Throwers Drive Footbridge

Ambitious walkers may continue onward along the southern bank through Apex and Winder Parks heading back toward the ocean.  To complete a circuit back to the Lions Park carpark means a strenuous walk navigating the hill up and across the Gold Coast Highway bridge.  

Currumbin Estuary

Track Length: Tarrabora Reserve 1km circuit (15minutes).  Beree-Badalla Reserve Boardwalk and River Trail return one-way 1km (15minutes) or circuit 2km (30minutes).

Track Difficulty: Easy wide flat paths and timber boardwalks.

Facilities: There are toilets, bubblers, shaded benches and picnic tables plus parking at Palm Beach Parklands or Lions Park (of Thrower Drive).

Beree Badalla Reserve Boardwalk
Beree Badalla Reserve Boardwalk

By Michaela Lyons

Track entrance: 

Tarrabora Reserve trail is accessible via Palm Beach Parklands.

Beree-Badalla Reserve Boardwalk and River Trail is accessible from Lions Park access road (off Thrower drive) or the Thrower Drive Boat Ramp. 


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